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June 30 – September 20, 2019

US$ 1500

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Why do a DBS?

“The Bible is the only a window in this world through which we are able to see eternity” (Anonymous) – Nowadays, we live in an anxious world looking for an answer to the crisis we’re facing century after century. The imperialism, communism, existentialism, modernity and its promises, postmodernism and its liberties are some of the failures of humankind in his quest for ideological and moral foundation as a guarantee in order to create a just civilization. After 500 years of the protestant Reformation and its fruits in the west many Christians have remained muted and allowed hopelessness to darken their hearts, despite God has already given us the way to the fullness from the beginning. God the creator of the world has not blinded us, He have gave us the Bible so we can know Him, understand how to live in order to multiply His character and reach happiness. We need to turn to the Bible, to come back to the old paths, in which are found the truths for building our lives, our families, businesses, our government system and our nations. The DBS will be a revival experience where you will discover the treasures – not hidden treasures – in the Bible so that you fall in love with God and get passionate with His redemptive plan for humanity and that you will become a reformer of the 21st century in the sphere or nation God has called you.

Why Cartagena, Colombia?

“Being a bridge to the nations from Cartagena ‘till the ends of the earth’’ is the motto of our missionary base located in Cartagena de Indias. “The heroic” as many call Cartagena, is one of the attractive touristic jewel of Latin America and one of the most important cultural epicenters in the region. It held more than 300 cultural, political and social events every year. YWAM Cartagena has a training base with different schools to prepare missionaries with the call to the nations and every sphere of society. In Cartagena, you will have the opportunity to share the Gospel with people from different countries, participate in local mercy ministries, community work and find a family that will support you to achieve God’s dream set in your heart in any kind of context and nation.




School Leaders

Markus Buser (Swiss) met Diana in Bogota-Colombia in 1991 when he was involved with mercy ministry focused in street children after he finished his DTS in Caracas, Venezuela. While Diana was taking her DTS in Peru Markus went to Cartagena to pioneer a YWAM base alongside Moises and Lahys Baena. Diana joined Markus and both made a commitment for two years that turned into 25 years. God spoke to them to become spiritual parents and because of their obedience five mercy ministries, eleven schools and six children bases in different locations in the world were born. Markus is visionary passionate for social transformation. He is generous and potential driver; Diana has an extraordinary prophetic gift with a passionate heart for the presence of God.