Berlin, Germany

YWAM Berlin
Schönwalder Strasse 21
13347 Berlin

Upcoming School Dates:
September 18 – December 15, 2020

€2200 (additional costs for the trip to Israel TBA)


More Information:

Why do a DBS?

First of all truth is being challenged and tested at the core. As followers of Jesus, how do we determine what is true? We can listen to some good sermons, have good conversations with friends… or we could go directly to the source that God gave us, His Word, read it and know it for ourselves. The Bible is the foundation to our faith, and gives us many of the answers that people are asking. Secondly, God is inviting us to engage in His Word – not because we have to, but because it gives God great joy to connect with your heart as you read through His stories and His history. You’ll get to know God in a much deeper way as you discover the whole story from Genesis to Revelation. You’ll see God’s plan of redemption, get to know His character, and you’ll even begin to see how you fit into God’s story! What make the DBS special is the fact that you get to learn with others and that is fun. Many people start the Bible but have a hard time finishing it. Or they’ve read the Bible but wished they could have others there to discuss some of the questions that came up while reading it. On a DBS you get to learn and read in a group setting which enriches what you can get out of God’s Word as you listen to others and enjoy going through the text together! Finally, let’s get some practical tools for ministry and help end Bible poverty! Whether you’re new to doing ministry or have been doing it for years, it’s always useful to get some tools to help connect others with God’s Word. As you engage with God’s Word yourself and share it with others, you’ll be able to help others end Bible poverty in their own hearts. By the end of the DBS, our aim is that you feel confident in leading a small group discussion, giving a basic introduction to any book, and sharing an overview of the Bible.

Why Berlin?

“Activators – DBS” was created to train you to read the Bible not just for information; but to lay a solid foundation for personal, community and global transformation. “He has enabled us to be ministers of His new covenant. This is a covenant not of written laws, but of the Spirit. The old written covenant ends in death; but under the new covenant, the Spirit gives life” (2 Co 3:6). Berlin is a vibrant city largely viewed as one of the key cultural hubs of Europe. A new stirring of the Spirit has been sweeping over the continent. Walls of division are coming down. Unity and faith are growing and we are seeing a move of people being encountered by God in their everyday lives: on the streets, on metro lines, in coffee shops and in public squares. What happens in Berlin spreads throughout Germany and to the Nations! We are answering the “what is next” question for DTS grads and YWAM veterans alike. Our goal is that every student gets trained and well equipped to apply the Truth of Scripture. To let the Spirit breath the Word alive and activate us!

Tentatively, we are also planning one week in Israel when we study the life and ministry of Jesus! What better place to get into the original context and culture than being right there where it all happened? You will engage the Text through sight, sound, touch, and taste as we explore the riches of this land. Contact us for more details.

School Leaders

Krystal Cochran

Originally from Wisconsin, USA, Krystal Cochran has 14 years of missions experience within YWAM. Krystal loves youth and championing the next generation of leaders: she has been involved with DTS, Discipleship Bible Schools and Word by Heart schools. Krystal helped pioneer the Bible to All distribution project in Germany, and has a heart for getting the Word of God into the hearts of the nations!

Tracy v.d. Veen

Tracy came into YWAM with a background in Biblical Studies, Missions (BA) and Applied Theology (MCS) training — and is passionate about seeing people come into a grounded, solid understanding of who God has revealed Himself to be in our foundational biblical text. Over the past 15 years in the YWAM family, she and her husband Jeff have served in many different contexts and regions of the world — and are excited to help launch the DBS in Berlin for the very first time! Jeff is looking forward to being a student in this school :).