Pittsburgh, USA


The Bible is one of the most profound books in history. People who want a deeper relationship
with Jesus talk about this book and reference it. BUT do you KNOW this book? Do you KNOW
the underlining story? Do you KNOW God’s redemptive plan for creation, his character, his
nature? In the DBS you will begin to understand just how BIG our God is. In the DBS our desire is for students to engage with the story of God through the Bible so that their lives can be transformed. In this school students gain a good understanding of an overview of the Bible and how that impacts them personally and their hearts for missions and the nations. In the school, the students read the Bible Chronologically. Each week of the school is a new era so the weeks build on one another and progress. They look into the historical context of those events, the original readers, and the characters. Students also learn how to study the Bible inductively in their small groups. In the school, you will: (1) Learn and discuss the Bible with others in a small group. Community is an important aspect of the school because we believe there is so much value in not only learning from others but also walking with others who are on the same journey as you. (2) Read through the entirety of scripture and begin to trace God’s plan of Redemption through the Bible. (3) Look at the big story of the Bible and figure out how all of it is connected and become confident in communicating that story with others. (4) Be transformed by understanding God’s character through his word. (5) Learn effective tools for studying the Bible, including Inductive Bible Study. 

School Leader

Allison Sommers

My name is Allison Sommers and I am originally from Cincinnati, OH in the USA. I currently live with my husband, Quinton, in Pittsburgh where we work with YWAM. I did my DTS in the Dominican Republic in 2013 and I did SBS in Wiler in 2014. My life and worldview were completely transformed when I did SBS. I began to understand the heart of God as I learned how to read the Bible better. Now it is my desire to help others come to a better understanding of who God is, who they are, and what God wants from through diving into the story of God.