King’s Lodge, England


Watling Street
Nuneaton, CV10 0TZ
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 024 7637 8550

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Why do a DBS?

biblestudyGrow deeper in the revelation of God’s redemptive story in the Bible. Understand covenants, Old Testament law, prophetic predictions and how Jesus fulfilled them. Learn how to lead a dynamic and effective small group bible study. Understand and confidently present a Bible overview. Become better equipped to engage and apply the word of God to your life. Gain a greater hunger to study the Word.



Why at the King’s Lodge?

The Kings Lodge hfrontas had a Biblical Studies Department for over 30 years giving it a wealth of Bible knowledge and teachers. The Kings Lodge is located in the heart of England giving it easy access to much of the United Kingdom and much of Europe. The school will make a day trip to London to visit the British Museum which houses a large collection of Biblical artifacts. The Awaken Discipleship Bible School at The Kings Lodge has a focus of studying the Bible with a sense community.






School Leaders


Vicky Bolton

Vicky has been at The Kings Lodge since joining staff in 2001. Vicky has staffed and led DTS, SBS and has served many other roles! She took a sabbatical year in 2012 to attend first year of Bethel School of Supernatural ministry in Redding California. She has a heart to see people love both the Word and the Spirit.


Ray Pieratt

Ray Pieratt has been with YWAM since 2003 serving at several bases. He did SBS in Kona, HI in 2007 and then served as SBS staff for 2 years. He helped in the creation of the DBS in 2011. Shortly after Ray moved to The Kings Lodge to help with developing the online-SBS. Ray also led a DBS on YWAM’s sailing vessel Next Wave in the Mediterranean in 2014. He loves to see people get a greater revelation of who God is through the Word.